Column: Bruce Lee unites us all

A town in Bosnia will soon erect a statue of kung fu legend Bruce Lee as a symbol of unity in the ethnically divided city.
And I think that’s spectacular.

Bosnia isn’t the happiest place on earth. The land of Serbs, Croats and Muslims has seen its fair share of ethnic warfare and all the atrocities that come with it.

Mostar, the city building Bruce Lee, was in the middle of all that warfare in the early 1990s.

“This will be a monument to universal justice that Mostar needs more than any other city I know,” said Veselin Gatalo, a member of the Urban Movement organization that helped launch the project, in the Reuters story that brought this to my attention.

I’ve only seen one Bruce Lee film – “Enter the Dragon.” In the movie, Lee avenges his sister’s death along with stopping the evil Han and his crazy kung fu contests. While I may not have come away from the movie thinking, “That guy would make a great statue!”, I did come away with a sense that messing with Bruce Lee was not a bright idea.

According to the Reuters story, the statue will be cast in bronze and will show Lee in a fighting pose. Which is sad, because I think a statue of Bruce Lee with his arms wide open offering Mostar a hug would by dynamite. But that’s why I don’t design statues.

Many people may think this is a dumb choice for uniting a city. But in a town divided by ancestry, religion and just about everything else under the sun, one of the few things everyone can agree about is that messing with Bruce Lee is not a bright idea.

And if that can bring people together, then I’m all for it.


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