Column: Hope for spring warms up soul

Has this cold, snowy, horrible, terrible winter got you down? Are you ready to spend your savings for a weekend on a tropical island where the coldest item you’ll encounter is the ice in your drink?

Never fear. Springs is almost here. And every so often, I’m reminded that winter won’t last forever. This morning, for example, I heard birds as I was walking out to my driveway.

Now, it wasn’t the sweet singing of songbirds welcoming the coming of spring that I heard, but rather the awkward squawks of winter birds, impervious to the fact that they should have migrated to Florida eons ago.

But still, it was the sound of birds, and that sound reminds me of spring, and the thought of spring keeps me going through this harsh winter.

One of my favorite short stories is “The Last Leaf” by O. Henry. It’s the tale of woman who is dreadfully sick, but remains alive because she wants to see the last leaf fall out of a tree by her window. Alas, the leaf never drops all winter and she gets better. It’s then revealed that an old man had painted a new leaf on the tree the night the last leaf fell.

I’ve always loved that simple story of hope and what it can do for us. And even though the birds I heard this morning aren’t the real harbingers of spring, I can imagine they are and that gives me hope.


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