Column: Journals welcome new face to lead staff

My name is Joe Grace , and I’m the new managing editor of your Journal.

I could give you a long history about myself (raised by wolves with Abe Lincoln in a log cabin, that sort of deal), but the only thing you really need to know is that I believe in community journalism.

I’ve worked for a variety of different-sized newspapers, and the one recurring theme is that people want to read about people who live close to them and events that affect them, not something they could just as easily read in the Daily Herald or Chicago Tribune. We might not be as big as those papers, but we certainly can be more local. And we will be.

Journalism is changing, and smaller, community newspapers are changing with it. The days of writing about meetings and games that took place a week ago are finished.

Instead, we’ll write about how meeting decisions affect your life and highlight upcoming games and the athletes who make those games so interesting.

We’ll focus on telling stories.

Good stories.

I believe everybody has a good story – the person who bumps past you in the grocery stores, the woman you see running the sidewalks at 7 a.m., the man in line with you at the post office.

It’s our job to find those stories and tell them.

Looking for something to do when you’re not at work? We will let you know what is coming up in your town. Sometimes we’ll just give you a time, date and place. Other times, we’ll give you an in-depth preview of an event.

We want to be your go-to paper for your town, and we will strive to meet that goal. It’s going to be a fun ride, and I’m looking forward to meeting and talking with the people of Lake County.

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