Column: You get a lot of info from only six words

• Originally published in the Kane County Chronicle on Dec. 8, 2008

It’s an interesting idea, that of describing yourself in exactly six words. In a column earlier this week, I asked people to send me the six words that described themselves and told them that I would print the responses in today’s column. A lot of people seemed as interested in this idea as I was.

They ranged from the funny:

· I never finished anything, except dessert – Dianne Churchhill of Geneva

· Wish I were better at following directions – Chuck Wrede of St. Charles

· Seek, and I will find them – Diana Skipworth of Geneva in reference to her car keys or glasses

To the quite sweet:

· Home, heart, love, warmth, faith wisdom – GayLynn of Geneva

· Children, laughter, love, enjoy with abandon – Dianne Churchhill of Geneva (she sent a few in; like me she couldn’t decide on just one)

· Saw life, grasped it, did good – Rich Seehafer

· Loving wife and four sweet daughters – Russ Chrusciel of Geneva

· Great husband, great kids, great life – Stacy Herrmann

· Finding love at the animal shelter – Jeannine Sprague of North Aurora

And, what’s the sweet without the bittersweet?

· Always searching, always looking, never finding – Dianne Churchill (once again; good for you Dianne!)

And Michelle Babicz of Geneva got so into it, she decided to send in a gaggle of six-word memoirs. She makes Diane Churchill look like a slacker.

· You had me at “Ferrari Testarossa.”

· I am as God made me

· I’m still a work in progress

· Life it too short for bull.

· Life is short – enjoy every sandwich (she gave props to Warren Zevon for this one)

· Pets – one of God’s greatest gifts

· Everyone has a price. What’s yours?

· Any day above ground is groovy!

· Love your country, scrutinize your government

· Love with abandon, beginning with yourself

And we’ll close out with one more from Dianne Churchill:

· What was I thinking? I wasn’t.

I hear you on that one Dianne. Been there, done that, try again.


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