Column: Your opinion makes a difference

• Originally published in the Kane County Chronicle on Dec. 14, 2008

We are working hard to make the Chronicle and its Web site – – the best and most local both can be. And we’ve been getting an awful lot of help from our readers as we strive toward this goal.

Each day, we try to make sure that every city in our coverage area is represented in our paper and Web site. We don’t always succeed. But we’re succeeding more and more each week. And it certainly helps when people call in or e-mail me with ideas. Keep them coming.

On our Web site, we update throughout the day to make sure that you have the most recent news about your community. The Web site also is set up now to show you the stories that directly affect the city you live in with the “my hometown” feature. Pick your city in our local news section and the most recent stories about that city will show up on the right side of the home page.

We’ve had police reports for almost all of the cities in our coverage area in the paper and on our Web site over the last three weeks. And we will continue to do so.

One person called asking that final Dow Jones and Nasdaq numbers be put in the paper. We took care of it the next day. We can’t always change what readers want changed, but we’ll certainly look into it and change it if we can, and if it’s for the greater good of serving our readers.

I’ve written this before, and I’ll certainly write this again: This is YOUR paper, not mine. Your ideas, input and involvement are directly linked to the success of this paper. It’s my job to implement those ideas and input. And together, we’ll continue to create a hometown newspaper that will make our communities proud.

I also have a few more people who wrote six words describing themselves that I wasn’t able to get in last week’s column.

Linda Case from our office brought the idea to my attention and came up with one of her own – Some triumphs. Some regrets. Always interesting.

Her brother, Donn Lauten, also came up with one – Wrong place. Wrong time. Still trying.

And last but certainly not least is Jane Petit, who called in with her own special one – Thankful for my brain tumor journey.

Thank you again for all of the responses and for being such great readers!

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