Column: Heroes are all around us

• Originally published in the Kane County Chronicle on March 12, 2009

In today’s paper, we help the Fox River Chapter of the American Red Cross honor local heroes with our Hometown Heroes section.

We also have a wonderful photo slideshow on our Web site,, that photo editor H. Rick Bamman put together this week.

We take great pride in recognizing our local heroes, the winners of this prestigious award and those who were nominated. A number of those nominated have been featured in the pages of the Chronicle this year.

And the winners also will be honored at a breakfast this morning at Eagle Brook Country Club in Geneva.

While only a few are recognized each year, countless heroes are scattered throughout our communities. There are those who save lives. There are those who make life better for others. There are those who simply share a smile with someone in need of one.

Hometown heroes are everywhere.

Those who win this award are representatives of all those who do heroic deeds that remain unknown. It’s important that we lift up those who lift up others in our community.

At a time when bad role models seem to be everywhere (take your pick of partying pop star or steroid-laden athlete), it’s wonderful that we’re able to highlight those who can show our children and ourselves what it means to put others first.

Here at the Chronicle, we hope to continue showing off those in the community who do good. If you know of someone who has done something heroic – whether it be saving a life, hosting a food drive or volunteering – let us know so we can share their stories with the rest of the community.

Together, we can be inspired. And hopefully use that inspiration to do heroic deeds of our own.

Joe Grace is the editor of the Chronicle. Contact him at 630-845-5368 or


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