Column: What a week

• Originally published in the Kane County Chronicle on March 20, 2009 

You now have seen your first full week of the new Chronicle.

What a week!

There were some rough patches in the beginning (but we got that crossword fixed right up), and certainly there still is much work to do.

But overall we’re proud of what we created.

This is what a local paper looks like. Local news, local columns, local features, local voices, local sports.

And it’s all items that can be kept going.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that many newspapers go overboard when they unveil a new product. They pull people off beats and off their regular stories in prior weeks to make sure that first week has the most and best possible stories. They keep it up for a few weeks, and then it goes downhill from there.

We didn’t do any of that. Our reporters did the same amount of work they do most any other week of the year. What you saw from us was a normal week, what moving forward we will consider our baseline, what we will try to build on. From here, we go uphill.

I wrote on Tuesday that this is just the beginning, and I meant that. We can tell your stories better. We can go more in-depth with our news. We can bring in more community voices. We can improve our proofing. This was our starting point.

And we’re getting a lot of help from you in this process.

I’ve received a ton of great feedback from our readers in the past week. Much of it was positive, some of it was neutral and some of it was negative. But it all was helpful, and we will be tweaking here and there based on that feedback.

But please don’t stop there.

I would encourage you to continue to e-mail and call me with all of your thoughts – positive, neutral and negative. Did you like a certain story? Did you hate it? Do you enjoy a new feature? Do you have an idea for a different feature? I want to hear it all.

The Chronicle is about you. Your life. Your schools. Your community. You make it tick. And when you submit news, give us feedback and let us know your thoughts, the clock runs that much smoother.

Joe Grace is the editor of the Chronicle. You can call him at 630-845-5368 or write to him at


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