Column: Thoughts on the weather, census and … peeps

• Originally published in the Kane County Chronicle on April 1, 2010

It’s days like yesterday when you feel you finally might be safe from winter’s wrath. (Of course, simply by writing these words I’ve ensured one more snowfall. Yes, you can blame me if you wish.)

Last night I was at home typing this column with my patio door open and a steady breeze cooling off our living room. Ah, it was sweet bliss.

Sure, I’ll probably start to complain once the summer heat really rolls in, but for now, having to cool off once again is delightful.

Warmth, we’ve missed you, old friend.

• • •

The Kane County Chronicle’s Twitter and Facebook communities really have been taking off, but we need your help to make them even better.

If you use either of these social media Web sites, I hope you will consider following or becoming a fan of the Kane County Chronicle. We post regularly on both sites, and it’s a great way to communicate with us.

Our username on Twitter is kcchronicle and our Web site on Facebook at

You can also follow me on Twitter at joe_grace, or – if you’re into prep sports – Coach Sly at coachslysez.

• • •

Be sure to check out St. Charles reporter Ashley Rhodebeck’s story in today’s paper about how our community members are doing with turning in their Census forms.

We’re doing better than average, with more than 60 percent response so far throughout the Tri-Cities.

It’s important to be counted to help your community receive its share of funds. Batavia is even giving gifts to some who turn in their Census forms.

We all need to do our part. My wife turned ours in a couple of weeks ago. (Of course, had it been left up to me, it very well might still be sitting on our kitchen table – like our taxes, which are up to me – so I suppose I can’t say too much.)

You can also see for yourself how your community is doing by taking a peek at the Census Bureau’s fantastic map at 10map/.

• • •

I was at the post office yesterday sending a box of marshmallow Peeps to my mom as an Easter surprise. (She still hasn’t figured out this whole Internet thing so it will remain a surprise.)

The postal worker asked if I was sending anything perishable.

I wasn’t sure how to answer. Are Peeps perishable? It fees like a “how large is the universe” question on a much smaller scale.

“It depends on whether the U.S. Postal Service considers Peeps perishable,” I finally answered.

She laughed and sent off my package, which can only lead me to believe that Peeps, indeed, are indestructible until consumed or microwaved. Good to know.

Joe Grace is the editor of the Kane County Chronicle. Write to him at or call him at 630-845-5368.


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